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Welcoming the Winter Makeup Routine

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Winter is upon us (and so are those uncomfortable dry lips), meaning that it’s time to update and stock up on some winter makeup essentials for your collection.

When it comes to updating your makeup range for the upcoming season, it’s important to make sure you have products that will help boost your complexion, as well as keeping your face moisturised and hydrated. I always say your beauty is beauty the base, and by that I mean skincare prep! So be prepared to slap on the serums, and take note of the below for a funky festive face:

ALL ABOUT THAT HYDRATING BASE The winter chill will make your face much more prone to dryness, so it’s important to use a hydrating base before applying the rest of your makeup. It’s best to choose a concealer and/or foundation that gives your face a dewy finish, as well as using a smoothing primer beforehand to help the foundation and/or concealer ‘sit’ or ‘rest’ on the face. A face elixir in your makeup bag will allow you to spritz your face and keep it quenched while on the go.

LIP SCRUB AND LIP BALM = THE PERFECT PAIR The colder temperature can cause our lips to dry out and crack, so keeping them exfoliated and moisturised is essential in the cold weather. Exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub to buff away dead skin and apply lip balm regularly to keep your lips nourished.

A CHEEKY CHEEK TINT Give your cheeks a natural rosy glow with a cheek tint. Whether you’re opting for a day-to-day minimal makeup look or going for something a little more glamorous for the upcoming festive parties, a hint of pink hues on your cheeks will add beauty to your complexion. Alternatively, use a highlighter to give your face a luminous and sun-kissed glow.


Bold red lips and deep berry lips are common trends for the winter season and are perfect for Christmas, so choose a dark-coloured lipstick with a satin or matte finish. To accentuate your bold lips, apply lip liner before applying your chosen lipstick.


Keep your nails in check this winter and make them sparkle with some glitter nail polish. Apply the polish on its own, or apply as a top coat after applying a dark-coloured nail polish (burgundy is a good choice).

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