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Kiwi & Co: Hot Girl Summer Sweaters


What better way to prepare for Hot Girl Summer, than with an abundance of Kiwi & Co’s Hot Girl Sweats for the S/S season?! A staple item to compliment any Summery ensemble; whether that’s a festival with friends, picnic with pals, boozy BBQ bash, or a cosy night in the garden by the firepit! & Let’s face it, there’s always need for a snuggly sweater when we’re referring to the UK’s ‘hot’ days and cooler nights…

Kiwi & Co began in June 2020, mid pandemic, and they absolutely thrived in the madness of it all! This is no surprise given the new year lockdown announcement, resulting in record-breaking growths in online sales! The company is made up of a small group of 4 women who united with their love of female fashion, empowered by each other’s strengths and driven to provide something bigger than a place to shop. The key mission for Kiwi, is to provide a community, a safe place where you can be your truest self.

“We are so inspired by the modern female and aim to inspire right back.” – Kiwi & Co

The ‘Check Mate’ Jumper – A must have pastel print for this season, and perfect for those who really lilac summertime! Super comfy and super cute!

The ‘Kiwi Laces’ Jumper which I’ve paired with a matching emerald green liner! The soft stretch knitted fabric is cosy yet cool, and all you need in your S/S wardrobe.

Last, but not least…The ‘Green Poplar Paint Spill Jumper & Brown Poplar Paint Spill’ Jumper’s – The Poplar Jumper range is one of Kiwi & Co’s most ‘pop-u-lar’ and bestselling range. You’d be looking fresh as a daisy with these wardrobe staples!

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