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MUA's to Follow for Halloween Inspo...

With spooky season fast approaching, we've got you covered with all the latest from Instagram’s 10 most influential makeup artist’s for Halloween 2021…expect gore, with a hint of beauty and spooky all in one!

Mimi Choi The Queen of Illusion! Mimles is renowned for her intricately-infused, mind boggling, artistic creations. She is currently showcasing iconic looks from her global Halloween campaign; “Twisted World of Oz”, featuring ‘Courage Queen’ inspired by the Cowardly Lion, and “Twisted Dorothy’, which took 2.5 hours to complete and included extended sections made from foundation painted paper blended onto the skin!

Vanessa Davis Vanessa Davis aka The Wig and Makeup Manager is the creative genius behind the layers of paint! She is another artist who offers masterclasses for aspiring artists @skulltressmasterclass (in a recent masterclass there is also an exciting collaboration with Glow up S2 Winner Ophelia). She is better known for her many spell-bounding skull creations, but equally her enchanting, and whimsically embroidered creations incorporating everything from lace to prosthetic appliances.

Danielle Marcan With over 1 million followers, Danielle Marcan has established herself as a self-confessed wannabe beauty guru. With the spooky season fast approaching she has created an insane collection of character creations! These include: Lady Gaga in AHS, the Corpse Bride, as well as realistic recreations of famous stars such as, Harry Styles! Truly mind-blowing work!

Sophie Baverstock Sophie was crowned the winner of BBC and Netflix’s Glow up S3, and also currently studies Makeup for Media and Performance at my previous University (claim to fame moment)! She cleverly tells a story behind each of her looks, whether that is a blood curdlingly gruesome creation, or beauty and spooky in one!

Anna Lingis Anna Lingis is a Pro Makeup Artist creating enchantingly illusional character creations. Head to her instagram for all your Halloween inspiration including: Chuckie, Dobby the House Elf, and Skulls galore. She is also currently offering Halloween Makeup Courses via online tutorials which sounds frighteningly fun!

Olga Dann The self-confessed makeup and self-portrait artist has a background in beauty photographer and retouching, which explains why her imagery is so aesthetically pleasing to the eye! If you want a Halloween look with an editorial twist then look no further than Olga Dann!

Samantha Helen It’s great to finally see Samantha back in the creative sphere after having some time out from long covid! She never fails to disappoint with a vast array of spooktacular work including, infectiously infected Zombies to bedazzling corseted Poison Ivy creations!

Keilidh Cashell Irish artist, Keilidh is back again with a swipe to freak you the hell out, and you’re definitely in for a treat with all her terrifying transitions! Freak week is her favourite time of the year so you can expect everything from the likes of Clowns, Alien-Lizard hybrid and even Judge Judy Justice!

Katie Wrigley In honor of spooky season – if you want gore, then look no further! Katie has conjured up some intricately gut wrenching looks featuring a multitude of exposed teeth, eyeballs and bloodcurdling creations!

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